Shamanism is an ancient tradition of healing whose focus is on fostering the intrinsic connection between humans and nature. With the practices of shamanism, this integral connection begins to meld into a realized oneness of all creation, essentially cultivating balance and harmony on a personal level, as well as a planetary level.

After graduating from college, Dr. Babbie Lester had the opportunity to immerse herself within the ancient wisdom of shamanism through attending several Energy Medicine courses with The Four Winds. After completing The Four Winds “Light Body School of Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine” as well as “The Medicine Wheel”, Dr. Babbie began and continues to study with Peruvian shaman; Dr. Theo Paredes PhD.

Dr. Theo Paredes is an anthropologist who consults with indigenous cultures world wide to maintain sustainable communities. Dr. Theo has studied Andean healing techniques for over thirty years, emphasizing native practices of engaging energy. As passed down to him from the ancient masters, he possesses a deep understanding of the purposes for which the energetic centers of the Inkas were created. Dr. Theo is the founding director of the Poqen Kanchay Foundation (“where light germinates”) which seeks to rescue, research and teach ancient knowledge and techniques of managing energy to transform living into an art.

While continually fostering this work with Dr. Theo for over 17 years, Dr. Babbie chooses to weave these sacred shamanic teachings into not only her work as a Naturopathic Doctor, but into her life work as a whole. She believes shamanic practices and teachings hold keys to cultivating a better life… for all life on the planet.