“Babbie, thank you of guiding me on this journey and for sharing your gift of healing. I will be eternally grateful for what you have taught me.” -Melanie B

“If only words could possibly communicate the depth of our gratitude for the miracles that you perform each and every time that Bobby comes to you for “light” [Chiren]. I am sure that you caught his expression of pride and accomplishment for having participated in the balancing of his energy during our appointment with you last week.

I am thunderstruck at just how transforming 15 minutes of love and light can be. It is as if Bobby had walked out of an electrical “storm” and onto a bright, sunny beach. We send you much love and appreciation for your part in restoring the balance in his soul.”
-Tobey Z

“Dr. Babbie, once again let me express my heartfelt gratitude for generosity of time, spirit and friendship. You make this world a better place.” -Jeff C

“I don’t understand how Dr. Babble’s treatments work, but they do. They’re like magic. I feel better after each visit.” -Teri T